Not many millennials own homes, and even less of them own $16 million mansions in Los Angeles. Zedd, however, is not most millennials.

The 28-year-old producer shows off his sweet digs in a new video posted to Facebook. He smartly compartmentalizes his home into separate sections for work, living and sleeping. This enures he’ll get the most efficient use of energy in each space for each given activity. It’s just no chill to try to sleep where you work, and when you’ve got $16 million to put toward your home, you might as well make it perfect.

The modern structure has a slight moat, which somehow no one as fallen into, as well as an unhinged giant door which reveals two options for entrance. Tall ceilings and wide windows provide tons of open space and natural light. It’s a house that breathes easy and encourages creativity and relaxation. It also inspires great jealousy in all who watch the clip.

He’s got tons of space for art, awards and a Skittles machine. He’s also got a sexy pool set to 97 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. His guest rooms all open directly to the pool, and his servers have a guest room of their own. You’ll have to see his master bedroom to believe it. You can begin fantasizing about what your life as Zedd would be like with the video below. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

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