Exactly a year ago we first found out about the Daft Punk documentary which was rumored to feature the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell, Giorgio Moroder, Skrillex, & Niles Rodgers as well as their former manager and the mysterious duo themselves.

Now, although the release is scheduled for later this year, the full documentary has made its debut on French TV station Canal Plus – and thanks to the internet – has been promptly made available for Daft Punk fans worldwide.

The buzzkill? It’s entirely in French and has no subtitles. But hey, for hardcore Punkers and Frenchmen alike this is a dream come true. So watch below as Daft Punk Unchained unveils the “unique artistic universe…between fiction and reality, magic and secrets, theatricality and humility” which the world renowned musicians have created for themselves.

It’s well worth the watch.

H/T InTheMix

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