Hot off of the heels of last week’s “Stonemilker” video premiere and fiery stint at New York’s Governors Ball, Icelandic eccentric Björk took yesterday to release a captivating new video for “Black Lake.”

The 10 minute video stars the singer, whose main objective seems to be beating down the walls of a deep, dark cave to unearth an explosion of bright blue lava. Afterwards, she’s seen wandering around a sinister Icelandic countryside, singing and interpretive dancing the whole way through.

The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, who’s also worked with Sigur Ros and Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace project. It was debuted during Björk’s MoMA retrospective, which ended just last Sunday after going strong for three months. Now, it comes with a personal message from the artist herself, which you can read on Facebook.

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