Did you know A-Trak is a huge David Letterman fan? Before he kicked off Mysteryland USAlast weekend at the Holy Ground pre-party, Beatport caught up with the Fool’s Gold founder to pick his brain on a variety of topics.

As the “Push” producer is preparing to hit the road next month for his ‘Gold Gone Wild’ tour, we got him talking on what to expect. “It’s more of a club tour,” he began. “…I come out with new routines, new visuals, and I test out new material. The things that I think make my style of DJing different from other current DJs – I’m just doing even more of it.”

Also happening next month is the release of Entourage, for which “Push” appears on the soundtrack. “Dance music and DJ culture are just everywhere right now,” he says. “I think that there’s an opportunity for us and our culture to have…legitimacy and touch a lot of people.” Watch our chat with A-Trak below, where he also sounds off on sampling and the SoundCloud debate.

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