Coloration was caused by the mixture of local pollution with sunset glow.

Photographs showing the city of Nanjing, China, shrouded in a fog in violet tone became viral on the Internet on Wednesday, while millions of people suffer from the latest outbreak of toxic pollution in the country. The flourishing purple sky – apparently a result of the mix of local pollution in the colors of sunset – became the second most talked about topic on the social network Weibo, the replacement of Twitter in China.
Even the official news agency of China, Xinhua, was impressed with the fact and posted photos on his Twitter with the phrase “pink smoke?”. Some netizens reacted angry, saying the local press is covering the national pollution crisis innocently and failing to collect the Beijing government for improvements. “The government has not taken effective measures to control pollution and we have to pay for it with our health,” she posted a Weibo user in your page.

The local newspaper Nanjing’s Modern Express tried to calm his players, stating that the color in the sky was caused by the sunset glow of the combination with a momentary peak pollution, and not a specific pollutant. According to Liu Hongnian, a scientist at the University of Nanjing heard by the newspaper, the smoke pollution takes only three colors: white, gray and brown. Colorations pink or lilac in the sky posed no any threat to health.
Pollution in Nanjing reached levels 10 times higher than those considered safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) this Tuesday and Wednesday. Many schools have had to cancel their outdoor activities. Farther north, the air quality was even worse.
In Beijing, which he declared a red alert of pollution for the first time in history earlier this month, ambinetal monitoring stations reported “dangerous” levels of particles such as PM2.5 (the finest and susceptible to infiltrate the lung) in the air .

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