On Friday (16) Usher released to surprise his new song, titled “Chains”, which means “current” in Portuguese, which includes the participation of Nas and Bibi Bourelly.

The band was accompanied by an exciting initiative of the singer against racial injustice, inspired by the recent cases of young black men in police killings in the United States.

“It’s time to break the chains of racial injustice. The reality is that racial intolerance affect the lives of many people in our country. We have to come together to solve these problems and this is one way I can contribute, “he said in Instagram.

Available only on the platform pays Tidal, Jay-Z, who want to hear the music, you have to be open on the screen and facial recognition done by computer or camera phone, all to ensure that you watch the video and “Do not divert the look “as the title of the campaign.

“I chose to open the music through that experience because it is important not only feel the issue, but approach it. The pain and suffering that these victims and their families have suffered is something we should never forget. When we look away from these problems it gets worse. To fix it, we have to face it, “he continued.

Next Tuesday (20) he will make the first live performance during the festival platform in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“Thank you for collaborate and share it on social media so we can create more urgent dialogues around social inequality, racial tensions and armed violence that America faces today” he added.

It was predicted that the new singer’s album reached the market last year, but the deadline was postponed indefinitely.

Check out a preview of “Chains”:

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