In recent hours, Chad Cisneros of Tritonal called out older DJs “who have lost hype and momentum and all of a sudden” have this burning passion to play 5-10 hour sets. “I get that having more time gives an artist a chance to tell a longer story… but at some point it seems ridiculous,” said Cisneros. “Not everyone is on drugs and wants to zombie out for days on end.”

Cisneros didn’t stop there by saying “We play 75-90% of our own music. Let the old farts play for 20 hours.”

It appears that Dave Dresden of Gabriel & Dresden did not take lightly to this situation as you’ll see in the comments section below:

Max Graham later took to his Facebook page to share his disagreement with Cisneros’ comment:
“Slaving behind the decks” is sex to me. That natural flow of a room heaving with you, being surprised by new music and sweating together in that “dark fucking room” IS what this has always been all about for most of us. Have some respect for where this entire scene came from, and will always go back to, long after the branded t-shirts and festivals die out…” Source

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