J Sutta may not come from dance music roots, but the former pop-star impresses with seductive vocals and a Jack Ü-esque beat and drop in her new release, “Forever“. The singer, dancer, and actress hails from the mega-successful, early-2000’s girl group the Pussycat Dolls but has slowly and steadily branched out into the dance music arena since leaving the group, with four #1 singles on Billboard’s Dance Chart. Gearing up to release her first album in March, “Forever” is a great start. While doused in a heavy helping of pop, the track’s dance influences are clear, with Sutta listing Kaskade, Calvin Harris, and NERVO as some of her inspirations, explaining that “I choose to be a dance artist because dance music is my first love. It’s all that I listen to.” However, “Forever” seems to borrow more from Diplo than any of those DJ’s and producers; the song has serious Major Lazer and Jack Ü vibes. No matter how much fans protest, dance music has entered the mainstream soundscape and is here to stay, but if the result is more dance pop tracks in the vein of “Forever,” that may not be such a bad thing. “Forever” is available now on iTunes.


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