On Tuesday (5), the singer Taylor Swift used his account on Instagram to publicize the release of his new video, which will take place on May 17. Dissatisfied with the anxiety demonstrated by his fans and followers in the comments, she continued, slowly, disseminating information about the clip.

By Instagram and Twitter, Taylor revealed that the video will feature two special guests: the angel of Victoria’s Secret Lilly Aldridge and Zendaya singer. Also, another factor contributing to the clip being special is directed by Joseph Kahn, the same filmmaker who worked with the singer in the clip of ‘Blank Space’.

The video, released on November 10, 2014, reached more than 825 million views on Youtube. That is, the clip ‘Bad Blood’ has everything to pump the internet and win the favor of millions of fans of the singer.

The threads of social networks, Taylor revealed that Lilly Aldridge and Zendaya make the characters Frostbyte and Cut-Throat, making a more literal interpretation of the lyrics: “You made a very deep cut and now we have bad blood.”

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