On Tuesday (26), the ‘Forbes’ magazine released its annual list of the 100 most powerful women in the world and none other than Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara and Shakira are on the celebrity team that make up the list.

The famous, the best placed of course, is the American first lady Michelle Obama, in 10th place. Then, Oprah Winfrey (who won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2015 for ‘Selma’, which was produced by her), 12th.

A little farther, it appears Beyonce diva in 21, which had its position guaranteed by the tour ‘On The Run’, alongside Jay-Z hubby. Despite having fallen four places compared to last year, the number of shows grossed $ 100 million for the singer. Another star who also dropped four positions was Angelina Jolie. According to the magazine, she appeared at the 50th position in 2014 due to the discussion of his double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.

A very happy diva, on the other hand is Taylor Swift, who made his debut in the list of most influential women in the world. At 25, Taylor entered the ranking due to the success of his latest album, ‘1989’. With it, the singer of ‘Bad Blood’ managed to sell over 1 million copies in such a short time for three consecutive albums.

See the position of the famous in the ranking:

10th – Michelle Obama


12th – Oprah Winfrey


21st – Beyoncé


28th – Anna Wintour


50th – Ellen DeGeneres


54th – Angelina Jolie


57th – Sofia Vergara


64th – Taylor Swift


81st – Shakira

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