Hortlax Cobra is the longstanding solo project of John Eriksson, one third of the Swedish indie pop act Peter Bjorn and John. (Remember their irresistible 2007 track “Young Folks”? Of course you do.)

Named after the small town in which Eriksson grew up, Hortlax Cobra has today released the shimmery, 80s-inspired electro-disco single “I’m Ready.” Out via Swedish label INGRID, the song is the B-side of a two-track release that also includes “Light as a Feather”, which features vocals from Swedish singer Beatrice Eli.

To celebrate the release, Eriksson shared a charmingly poetic list of things he is, in fact, ready for.

I’m ready for you this time.
I’m ready for Beatrice Eli.

I’m ready for Rex 50.
I’m ready for “Nabed Nade Ei Piny Ka.”

I’m ready to see more light.
I’m ready to revisit Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.
I’m ready for Spectre.


I’m not ready to see the dentist.
I’m ready for Chappie.

I’m ready for more teenage engineering.
I’m ready for computer incantations for world peace.
I’m ready for the space lady.

I’m ready for I need somebody to love tonight.
I’m ready for a long hot summer.
I’m ready for Ingmar Nordströms “Indian Summer.”


I’m not ready for this.

Hear “I’m Ready”:

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