I had to sit up in my chair after I heard the preview for Statik Link‘s new Renaissance EP release. The fusion of hip hop, trap & bass music is standard for a lot of up & comers these days, but competence in freshman productions is much more rare.

The duo is able to provide gratifying low-end vibes without ruining any of the builds or making it too gangster. The production values are surprisingly good, especially for such a young pair of producers. The drop has a feel that seems to be 50% Minnesota & 50% DJ Snake, a fusion I hadn’t anticipated. It’s getting harder & harder to find new sounds in the bass music/trap space, so kudos to Statik Link for trying to push new ground in that direction. The Renaissance EP will be out in mid March, so hopefully this tune tides you over until then. There’s a free download as well, though it’s only around for a limited time, so don’t sleep on it.

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