On Thursday (5), the Rolling Stones have announced that 2016 will be a year full schedule for fans who live in Latin America. In a statement, the British band revealed that, from the day February 3, 2016, will come out on a new tour of Latin America. For those unaware, it is the first visit to the continent in a decade.

Starting with Santiago in Chile, they also pass by Brazil (in three cities), Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima, Bogota and finally, in Mexico City.

For Brazilian fans, the Rolling Stones separated three days of touring schedule; starting at Rio de Janeiro (the Maracana) on February 20, followed by São Paulo (in the Morumbi) on 24 and 27 of the same month and, to close, in Porto Alegre (in the Beira-Rio stadium) on March 2 .

“We love playing in Latin America and we are excited to visit some cities for the first time! The public are among the world’s best, they bring incredible energy!” Said Mick Jagger in the ad.

As for information on ticket sales, the band only release soon.

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