As Rihanna was the launching of his new album, “American Oxygen”, “For Five Seconds” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” Anticipation for the new album the singer was only increasing. However, it seems that it will take for the anxiety of the fans be closed.

The singer, who was recently on holiday in Barbados, has revealed that the album is not ready yet, but what is being done with very much whimsy. Produced by Kanye West, “R8” not to give news and now the uproar was caused by the very Rihanna.

In an interview for the magazine “NME”, she confirmed that it will work with Charli XCX (the same who worked with Iggy in the success “Fancy”) on disk. “Charli is completely legal, safe and non-calculated way, and she does not care what is around. She’s so free, pure. I love that. I Love Charli, “said the singer.

The accolades also follow the side of Charli, who spared no good words about Rihanna for the newspaper “The Mirror”: “I’m a big fan of Rihanna and I think she’s an amazing artist. (…) I’ve been writing for their new album and it was really fun to put together some tracks. “

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