To conclude a solid year of exciting memories, new experiences and fresh new music, The MTV EMA Nominee producer Omar Basaad now closes his year with a banger that is set to take main stage at every festival. ‘Why Do We Run‘ feat. Karra is OUT on Coexist Records!

                                                             Beatport Download: Omar Basaad ‘Why Do We Run‘!

The showstopper is Basaad’s tribute to his love for the dance floor and music festivals. It was generated by globally influenced musical inspirations. Featuring Karra’s smooth vocals that produce strong overtones and with her especially welcome presence, she is able to draw crowds and enchant them.

Basaad’s earlier release ‘Someone Else‘ with Mickey Shiloh worked with a wide range of genres and demonstrated Basaad’s quality and range as a producer and with his last release for the year he is set to wrap things in style.

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