Adiemus‘ classic opera by Karl Jenkins, it’s on the dancefloor once again and it’s thanks to Paolo Aliberti version that the original melody gets back to a 4/4 measure with an arrangement close to the Brit Trance genre and contextually not too far from the Brit Progressive world.

The kicking rhythmical section surrounds the massive synth sound , which points the track direction and which then stops when the central riff gives a break. But when its starts all over again, it’s an unstoppable fabulous process.

Release date is set to January 26th 2016 via EDMedia (Media Records).

                                                                   Listen Paolo Aliberti’s ‘Proximus‘ here:

Dj, Remixer and Music Producer, he has released tracks with important labels and he has signed remixes for pop artists and Djs, the best of the music scene.

He has started his career as a Dj in Turin between the 80s and the 90s. He then opens his own recording studio just behind his record shop and some years later he has started to work with many important record labels. In the year 2005 he realizes a remix for Ilona Mitrecey deUn Monde Parfait“: this single sold more than 2 million copies and reached the top of the charts in France for 28 weeks.

It then followed the project “Pornocult” and various versions for the important artist: Tiziano Ferro, Roger Sanchez and Laidback Luke. Some other releases on Wasted Youth and on Tiger Records label. And above all, the remix of “Summer Moonlight” by Bob Sinclar. From 2015 he works with Gianfranco Bortolotti who involved him in the project and Media Records.

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