From its CD-less XDJ-1000 to its all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-RX, Pioneer has released several ground-breaking new products over the past year, and now they’ve announced a pair of top-of-the-line headphones that will set you back a couple of paychecks.

Created in conjunction with Onkyo Europe, the limited edition handmade SE-Master headphones were over five years in the making, and boast several premium features, including the “industry’s first aluminum diaphragm,” treated with Parker Ceramic Coating to boost rigidity and deliver superior performance.

“The result is high resolution sound across all frequencies with minimum noise,” according toPioneer’s announcement.

“The SE-MASTER1s are capable of reproducing high-resolution audio of up to 85,000Hz, more than double the minimum requirement for high-res headphones(40,000Hz). So you can experience every unadulterated detail of your high-res music.”

The high-end cans feature unique serial numbers, 50mm dynamic drivers with 1500mW maximum input, 45 ohms impedence, 94dB sensitivity and 5Hz – 85,000Hz frequency response.

Check them out here. And if $2600 seems reasonable for a pair of headphones, you might want to look into something a little more limited – like Stax industry-leading SR-009 electrostatic headphones, which, at $4,500, run almost double the price of Pioneer’s SE-Masters.

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