Most artists are familiar with the struggle of starting out as a new producer. For Paris Blohm, this meant helping out a fan with getting his name out there. Nolan Van Lith was a longtime fan of Blohm and continued sending his work to the LA-based producer. After many attempts and perseverance, Blohm decided to make a collab with his fan, and thus “Waves” was created. A wonderful track that reflects its name, the song strides back and forth between strong build ups followed by a receding quietness that blossoms again into a roaring energy. It is no doubt that the two have musical style that are quite complimentary to one another. Prior to this track, Blohm released his EP “In Your Eyes” which consisted of the original track with the same name and an experimental rework.

Paris Blohm & Nolan Van Lith – Waves | Download

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