Cut your way through the metallic jungle with NuAlias & Trypt’s latest bass house thumper, “Trippin’”. Exploring the opportunities of breakbeat, garage, and more, NuAlias & Trypt have produced a track that sounds like a proper background for a post-modern warehouse ritual.

Rife with industrial clangs and nostalgic wubs to channel your inner Crash Bandicoot, “Trippin’” is exactly what we’ve been hoping for in 2016. The mix is utterly spacious, and the lead synths whip back and forth to lash you into a space age tribal frenzy. Moments of breakbeat sew together disembodied vocal samples, then the arrangement drops back into an assault of staccato kicks and reverberating bamboo hits. Listen to the magic below, and grab “Trippin’” as a free download courtesy of Uprise Music.





Via / Youredm

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