In theory, the successful life of a DJ is the eighth wonder of the world. Play for crowds in the best festivals in the best clubs in the world, traveling and meeting the 4 corners of the planet, do residency in Ibiza in Vegas … Everything is at your fingertips – but everything is not always as perfect as it seems.

To maintain its success, it is important to release new tracks constantly, keeping in evidence, and thus scheduling more shows; the performances are a good proportion of income from a DJ. But this looping sooner or later ends up being a great physical and mental strain for DJs, and it was no different with Nicky.

Being four months without launching any new music, there was a certain collection of fans for news. And that was when Romero decided to open the chest and clarify a few things that has been going:

“Sometimes things are easy, sometimes you are in that endless rhythm where everything seems to be going perfectly well, and at this rate you can create, find, focus, inspiration, travel, and present all you want. Of course there are times when you are up, and there are times when you’re down; this is perfectly normal, and happens the same way for everyone.
I feel that this pace is something that we acquire when we love something, we have a dream and spent a lot of time and effort on what we want to achieve with a lot of patience.
When we entered the pace We never want to leave, because this locomotive is what motivates you to work harder, achieve greater results, and focus more. What we forget is that not only do you want to be better, but people expect you to be better. When this continues, the pressure in the performances, produce, create, and go higher, added to the lack of sleep and stress, make you lose the rhythm, because the pace exists only when you feel happy and rested.
In recent months, I too asked why I was not throwing as many songs as before, and of course, this is related to the fact spend less time in the studio, for touring. But [in my case], the biggest problem is anxiety. I suffer from anxiety for two and a half years now. I probably visited more than 12 therapists and professionals to help me, and in fact was only getting worse. Have anxiety really difficult to produce songs. How it sucks all her energy, you end up leaving you with a great surreal feeling and discomfort with the body and mind. I felt guilty before my fans, and all expectations just yet created more pressure. After 2 and a half years I found one online called PDF “At last the life” (Anyway life) Paul David, a small book that helped me. After so many therapists I finally had a clarity about what is going on.
In fact, nothing was wrong with me; I just had to change some things in my behavior. I feel great now, and I finally came back to produce. I feel great and I would tell them that I am ready for 2016.
I apologize to anyone who was disappointed with the small amount of songs released by me recently. I just hope you do not judge so quickly so as an artist. Negativity does not help anyone; positivity yes. Thanks for the kind words and unconditional support. ”

The question that remains is that in recent years the growth of EDM, have lost quality and given more value to the amount.

But the good news is that Romero is well again in 2016 again with everything, with all thoughts back on track.

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