NGHTMRE has been a busy man, with all kinds of collaborations in the works, as well as working on an EP, touring around playing live shows, and now working with an anti-smoking campaign called Truth. “Its A Trap” is a clever way of targeting the younger audience by incorporating internet memes and lyrics submitted by teens via social media in a campaign launched by NGHTMRE himself. Combining those elements with catchy a trap beat happening in the background is sure to lure in a more engaged audience.

Surprisingly enough, this track might be something you could end up hearing on main stages. Its got a steady beat with a build up to a heavy bass drop at the climax that could definitely get a crowd going. Nghtmre has proven to be a stand-up guy. Very modest, and standing up for an important issue that has been plaguing the youth for years, with the full intention of making a change in the world.

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