“Today, here, we learn to play football,” said Neymar on December 18, 2011, exactly four years, just after the end of the Club World Cup in Yokohoma, Japan. The Saints had been run over by Barcelona for 4 to 0. It was a lesson. In his second attempt, now for the teachers finally Neymar could lift their first world cup. Days before the end of this Sunday with victory Barca against Argentina’s River Plate for 3 x 0, Messi, the master gave a hand to Neymar. “At that time he was already a really great player and is now even better. It was much more complete. Honestly, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to have him on our side now,” said the world’s best. Privilege, strictly speaking, is to have Messi to side. The first goal against River was another masterpiece shirt 10. After a ball threaded area, made by Neymar, the ball seemed to escape the Argentine, who beat the instep without force with that.
Barcelona’s victory against River Plate is another finding of the area of ​​European football before the South American. The first milestone was the defeat of Santos, the 4 x 0 2011. The second, unavoidable was the 7 x 1 2014, a journey not forget. In the current format, the Club World Cup is played since 2005. There were eight European victories against three South American, with São Paulo, Internacional and Corinthians. Not enough to be a 7 x 1, but it is enough score to show that there is enough romantic, and definitely lacking, art of Argentine and Brazilian with the ball at his feet. In fact, it does. The problem is that the two largest, Messi and Neymar, plus the Uruguayan Luis Suarez (two goals in the final this morning, best played the tournament), crossed the Atlantic.

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