just launched its new platform and you don’t want to miss out on this new online experience. Soon coming to mobile with playback features, they’ve been hard at work improving the app and site with some amazing headway. Here’s the idea:

Users can now stream all music on one player from’s site by saving and clicking links from any service, bookmarking it and adding it to a personal playlist. This will allow you to save anything from Spotify, 8 Tracks, Pandora, TuneIn, Beatport, Reddit, Twitter, Hypem, YouTube, Soundcloud, you name it (currently also uses Deezer, Rdio). Currently, you can use most of these on the layout at Check it out and try it free! The developers are also looking for positive feedback as this service develops. We think it’s a pretty cool way to save and listen to music online, especially if you’re hopping around a lot. Check out a tutorial here:

This week, they launched the new player which features:

Channels: For all of you who wanted to categorize your music in a simple way
You can now create different channels to group the tracks you save. You’ll be able to save a track directly to a channel from the extension as well.
Drag&drop: Drag&drop tracks to reorder, share, or to add to a channel.
Sharing: Easily share a track you saved; in the web-app, or just instantaneously with the extension.
Login: We know you don’t all have Facebook accounts. We’ve added Twitter and Google+ login as well.
New player: You can now manually select the available sources for a track. Shuffle & repeat? They’re added too.
New extension: Our extension now lets you know when you’re on a page that it covers. You can also save tracks directly to a channel you created, or create a new one, without ever going to

Check out a screenshot of what the player looks like.

You can read more here on their website.

Right now, you can sign up simply by adding your email address and getting an early account. Check out their Facebook page or contact

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