East coast producers Love n Lerrone rounded off 2016 with a huge remix for Le Youth which caught the imagination and ears of the influential Hype M blogosphere. Now the duo are back, this time with new original cut ‘U Don’t Care’, out now on Very Jazzed/French Kiss Records.

Download: “Screaming and Dancing”

Soul-drenched and funk-driven, ‘U Don’t Care’ pulls effortlessly on the garage and funky house wave of the early 2000s for its inspiration, a slick touch to the production allowing tweaks and bumps to bubble up underneath the vocal line. High hats and playful padded percussion bounce up against cheeky pianos and muted synths to create a piece that should have dance floors and house parties around the world jumping.

Not much is known about the Brooklyn-based outfit but as they prepare to release more new over the next few weeks, their reputation is only bound to grow further.

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