The French auto company Peugeot is known for coming up with some insane concept cars. As Top Gear points out, their previous models like the Onyx, SR-1, EX1 and RC Prototype are prime examples. The latest project, the “Peugeot Fractal,” is quite inspiring – especially for fans of music. It’s set for a premiere at the Frankfurt Auto Show in about a week, starting on September 17th through the 27th.

Besides the fact this car has a wonderful design (it’s an all-electric 2×2 coupe), this whip is a dream car for fans of sound and enjoying your tunes on the go. Music producer Amon Tobin is responsible the special features that Peugeot added to the Fractal, which includes interior and exterior sound design that uses unprecedented automotive technology like built-in SubPac technology into each seat.

Known for making low-frequency vibrations into their Camelback-sized, tactile audio technology, SubPac is at the forefront of engaging listeners in a full-on immersive listening experience.

“Music is a central part of the driving experience. Integrating SubPac technology into the automotive world has always been a part of our road-map, and we’re beyond thrilled to be a part of the forward-thinking Peugeot Fractal,” SubPac CEO John Alexiou said. “Once people physically feel the true impact of music and sound, there is no going back to just hearing it”.

Tobin’s insight certainly made for something special here. With a 12-speaker sound-system and the vibrating SubPac technology on your back, it’s like having a first-class club sound system in your car.

Top Gear reviewed the Fractal and gave a nice description of the sound features, describing the interior: “the floor, side and door panels are all covered in furry, 3D-printed blocks – much like the protruding mini pyramids you might find on the walls in a recording studio.”

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Source: Magnetic/Top Gear

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