Back in 2011, when NERO released their debut album ‘Welcome Reality,’ the LP spent 65 weeks on the Dance/Electronic charts and helped create a future for them as a trio.

As their new album ‘Between II Worlds’ is due out on August 28th via MTA Records, NERO hopes to make history again.

“Not to diss a lot of the current EDM, but when you pump out new tracks every two weeks, you’re keeping yourself on the hamster wheel. Our first album has carried us for four years, you know?” said Daniel Stephens of NERO.

Stephens admits that performing as a band is tricker than he thought, “but Coachella was a nice start. There’s all this nervous energy because it’s not just a DJ set — you could mess up at any minute — but it’s got the momentum of a DJ set. People go nuts.”

As NERO readies for their new tour, Stephens said “We’re one of the only electronic acts that does this level of live theater, which is great.”

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