In less than 24 hours, the producer Naughty Boy announced that it would partner with Beyoncé and ending any doubts, already put in Instagram a band clip teaser. Titled “Runnin ‘(Lose It All)”, the music is very romantic, which you can see also in music excerpts posted by him on the social network.

With lines like “nothing else metters, you are not here”, “together we’ll win it all,” the voice of Beyoncé promote shake and pack many hearts. Only in small excerpt released by Naughty Boy, it does became clear that Queen B’s not messing around.

The producer also recorded a version of the same song with the voice of Arrow Benjamin, who leaked the entire internet. Check here (and below, the teaser with Bey):

31 hours… @Beyonce @ArrowBenjamin #LoseItAll

Um vídeo publicado por Naughty Boy (@naughtyboymusic) em

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