Maya Jane Coles has been far from idle in the past year, sharing a handful of releases under her new moniker Nocturnal Sunshine and a few select remixes. Now, heading into the new year, the talented producer is refocusing on her original tunes and readying to release a 20-some track double album as Maya Jane Coles.

The album remains without a title or an estimated release date, but Maya says that the music itself is “75% done”. Though she can’t yet reveal many juicy details, it sounds as though the album will also feature a few noteworthy fellow producers to look out for. She’s preparing to take the next month to hone into the project and finally wrap it up.

As for what to expect for the album’s sound? “I was really torn with the direction I wanted to go in, because obviously I make very different sounds,” she shared in an interview with DJ Mag. “I’ve got the more song-based, home listening side and the more house tempo side, so instead of having a half-half thing, I thought: actually, I want to have one disc where it’s based on the more melodic, song-based stuff, and the more – I wouldn’t say bangin’ club stuff, but a bit more up-tempo stuff on the other disc, and please everyone. As well as myself!”


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