The fight between the label Spinnin ‘Records and the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix seems to go on forever. Things seemed to have settled down between them at the end of the year, but only looked the same. The label released a statement saying that Martin Garrix broke his contract with them, which projected that the artist still continue playing until July 2017. In its press release, the label explained his point of view and mentioned all renegotiation attempts and contract extension that tried to get Garrix, but none successfully. Now, a few days after the record company brought this statement to the media, Martin decided to do the same.

Garrix said his legal team will make other statements, by legal means, within the coming weeks with details of all the process that is going on between him and the label, and finished with an information somewhat important, saying he granted label, a license seven years of songs previously released by Spinnin ‘, and this is nothing but, he said, “a way to ensure I do not miss all my songs ever done before”.

The initial release of Spinnin ‘Records is true, it seems, the label has the distribution rights for all releases up to 2023, and this has been the principal trading in recent months. Read the statement below that Dutch DJ did.

“Dear Fans,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the tremendous support they give and have always given me, I wish you a 2016 full of love and good music.

With reference to the statement that the Spinnin ‘Records issued days ago, on my contract termination with the management of MAS and my artistic According to the record, I also feel the urge to talk about such statements and record my side of story about all this.

The declaration of Spinnin ‘Records, is at least unfair because it only tells their version and, in some parts, do not say what really happened.

Make no mistake: the legal proceedings in court, they were primarily driven by me, not by Spinnin ‘or the MAS, and the main purpose of these procedures is to have as final word, justice, confirming that I have legitimately terminated my contract with the Spinnin ‘and MAS. So that justice confirm this will be the label and that the MAS will have to reimburse me, not the other way around, as they are suggesting.

My lawyers issued a summons on December 23, 2015 which will be published in a few weeks, confirming details on the case, and on the foundations used for cancellation of contracts with Spinnin ‘and the MAS.

At the moment, the only thing I would say is that this release of Spinnin ‘and the MAS, just shows I took the most correct decision to end my partnership with them. I really feel relieved and free to say that I am the rightful owner of all my songs, and I can share it where, when and with whom I want.

Once you have got all the property rights of my songs again, with all the pressure throughout the process, the summary of the story, I conceded to Spinnin ‘Records a 7-year license for the songs released by it in the period that we had agreement with all conditions reviewed to my advantage. This license seven years, is nothing but a way to ensure, legally, I do not miss all my songs and collaborations with other artists made were released by Spinnin ‘during these years.

I have an amazing team giving me support with it all, with whom I can start the year full of confidence with new releases to all my fans and admirers.

– Martin Garrix “

After all the statement made by Martin, it seems that this “soap opera” will have many more episodes to go, and is far from over, however, we can only expect to have the best possible desfeche, and does not affect our beloved music nor career the talented Martin Garrix.

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