Back in 2006, the crush of Taylor Swift was a boy named Andrew Hardwick, and it inspired the first successful singer, “Teardrops on My Guitar”. Now, almost ten years later, he showed another side not known for Taylor at the time that he was her flirting.

According to the newspaper “The Tennessean” Andrew wa wife, Joni, were arrested on charges of child abuse. The complaint was made after a three year old who was under the couple’s care have it stop in the emergency room with “severe injuries and lacerations” in the head and a concussion.

Also according to the report, a third man was arrested Christopher Hardwick, no relation to Andrew revealed. “When the police arrived home, Christopher appeared intoxicated, bleeding and aggressive attitude” it said.

In interviews there in his career, Taylor said the song “Teardrops on My Guitar” was an attempt to win over Drew, which failed.

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