Sometimes being a rock star is really old. Sure, you walk into the club and get free drinks in a fancy VIP booth, but you spend the whole time talking to chumps who are more interested in what they can get by standing next to you than anything you actually have to say — unless you meet that one shining human who reflects your honest soul, and then you’ve got to grab that person and get out quick.

When such a magical moment hits, hop in the convertible and pump the volume on Krewella’s “Runaway.” It’s a synth-laden bolt of lightning that’ll set you soaring. It’s the kind of tune that hopefully gets those VIP squirrels out of their nut huts and onto the dance floor.

“Runaway” is out today on Mixed Kids Records. If you like it, and even if you hate it, you can text Krewella your thoughts to the number +1 (309) 326-5739, and they’ll get back to you on that. You can “Runaway” to the dance floor with the dance duo as they make their way through the United States on a spring DJ tour this May and Junes. Check the full dates of the tour and listen to “Runaway” below.

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