New Year – time for new music. One of the first artists who will please his fans a new album will be the Swedish house talent John Dahlbäck. During his career he has released 4 albums and on stage five, titled “Saga”. Output is scheduled for January 29 edition will deal with record label Armada Music. Many of the tracks were written independently, only some of them helped the actor Alex Mack, Lovestarr, Craig Smart and Luke McMa. Order the album on at different venues.

  1. Saga Intro
  2. Into You
  3. Sycophant
  4. Raven
  5. Count To Ten (feat. Alexx Mack)
  6. Is not You
  7. Atlantis
  8. Terminus
  9. Walking With Shadows
  10. Where You Are (feat. Lovestarr)
  11. New York City (feat. Luke McMa)
  12. Shivers
  13. Untouched Hearts
  14. Gargamel
  15. Aileen (feat. Craig Smart)
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