Today, pioneering French electronic music composer and producer JEAN-MICHEL JARRE has released his newest album, his first in eight years, Electronica 1: The Time Machine on Sony Music. Electronica 1: The Time Machine is the first half of a double-album, with the second half set for release the spring of 2016. The project was conceived with Jarre’s wish to encompass the last few decades of electronic music with the participation of different artists of different generations linked directly or indirectly to this scene.

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Jean-Michel Jarre is a composer, performer, songwriter and producer whose pioneering and spectacle approach to electronic music and its live performance has been an important influence on today’s DJ superstars and burgeoning EDM culture. After studying with Pierre Schaeffer, creator of musique concrete at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Jarre, the son of renowned film score composer/conductor Maurice Jarre, recorded the revolutionary 1976 album Oxygene in his makeshift home studio, a worldwide phenomenon that went on to sell 18 million copies internationally. His catalog, which includes 17 studio albums, has generated sales of more than 80 million worldwide, with Jarre setting Guinness Book records for concert attendance.

Looking to shed a light on the legacy – as well as the future – of electronic music, Jarre called on an array of global superstars to help record Electronica, in all 30 individual artists, for the two-part release. The first installment Electronica 1: The Time Machine features an eclectic line-up – personally chosen by Jarre — that includes fellow French acts like M83’s Anthony Gonzalez (“Glory”), Air (“Close Your Eyes”) and Gesaffelstein (“Conquistador”); British groundbreakers such as The Who’s Pete Townshend (“Travelator Part 1”), Depeche Mode/Erasure’s Vince Clarke (“Automatic Part 1-2”) and Little Boots’ Victoria Hesketh (“If…!”); Bristol-based Massive Attack’s 3D (“Watching You”) and Fuck Buttons (“Immortals”); multi-media performance artists Moby (“Suns Have Gone”) and Laurie Anderson (“Rely on Me”), Dutch producer Armin van Buuren (“Stardust”); German forerunners Tangerine Dream (“Zero Gravity”) and Boys Noize (“The Time Machine”) as well as left-field picks like film director John Carpenter (“A Question of Blood”) and Grammy-nominated Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang (“The Train and the River”).

With Electronica, Jean-Michel Jarre offers both a celebration and an expansion of his pioneering work in electronic music, showing where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going in his typically utopian dream of joining the world through sound and vision. These releases represent a milestone for Jean-Michel Jarre, whose work has been cited by many of the participants as being fundamental in forging their own creative careers.

The track listing for Electronica 1: The Time Machine is:

1) The Time Machine (JMJ & Boys Noize)
2) Glory (JMJ & M83)
3) Close your eyes (JMJ & AIR)
4) Automatic (part 1) (JMJ & Vince Clarke)
5) Automatic (part 2) (JMJ & Vince Clarke)
6) If..! (JMJ & Little Boots)
7) Immortals (JMJ & Fuck Buttons)
8) Suns have gone (JMJ & Moby)
9) Conquistador (JMJ & Gesaffelstein)
10) Travelator (part 2) (JMJ & Pete Townshend)
11) Zero Gravity (JMJ & Tangerine Dream)
12) Rely on me (JMJ & Laurie Anderson)
13) Stardust (JMJ & Armin van Buuren)
14) Watching you (JMJ & 3D (Massive Attack))
15) A question of blood (JMJ & John Carpenter)
16) The train & the river (JMJ & Lang Lang)

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