Recently discovered, a medical examination conducted in 1923 reports that cryptorchidism affected the right of the dictator testicle.

A mocking song that was popular among British soldiers said that Adolf Hitler had “one ball”. Yes, there have always been rumors that Hitler had only one testicle. The most current version said that the mutilation was caused by a grenade or mortar shrapnel in the First World War. For now the German historian Peter Fleischmann, a professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, found a medical report confirming the unique inner condition of the Nazi dictator
The document, however, belies the history of war injury: testicular just not “descended” to the escortal bag, as usually happens in early childhood. The discovery also enables need which was the missing testicle: Right.
Dated 1923, the report reappeared in 2010 at an auction, and was confiscated by the German state of Bavaria, which holds the dictator espólido (the state, in fact, controls the publishing rights Mein Kampf and went preventing republication of the work, which, however, will fall into the public domain as of January 2016).
In November 1923, Hitler and his allies attempted a clumsy coup, the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, which ended with all the prisoners involved. Hitler was compulsorily examined by a prison measured, Josef Steiner Brin. The Brin doctor relatórido points out that, in general, the frustrated coup was in good health. But he presented “cryptorchidism” on the right side. In layman’s terms, it is what the soldiers who helped defeat Nazism sang: Hitler had only one testicle.

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