Ananda and Luke of Sugarbeats are two awesome young American dudes who are pushing the boundaries of glitch funk music. Looking to compensate the musicians involved in their diverse production for the upcoming album they’ve started, the group has already been named a Kickstarter Staff Pick for their upcoming project. Check it out below and donate here. They are halfway to their goal, and in the process of a special piece of work – involving a highly musical production in follow up to some of their awesome recent work like the single “Pretty Young Things.”

Ananda told TweQ, “We hope to have a full live band touring and playing shows with us, like Opiuo. We have a great saxophonist, vocalist, violinist, bass player…”

The pledge opportunities from the duo range from used equipment on their upcoming work and tutorials including gear like awesome shirts and tanks!

Read more here and watch this video explaining the goal:

Check out the full KICKSTARTER with more info and make sure to check out Sugarbeats recent music that we’ve featured here and on Glitch in the System.

To take a look at their impressive progression – listen to their latest album “Groove City Romance.”

Sugarbeats: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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