When you stop to think of the great vocal powers of the current music scene, one of the first names that come in mind is easily Adele. Some of his biggest hits have been remixed by renowned DJs and producers such as “Rolling In The Deep”, which caught the attention of none other than Avicii. Axwell is also on that list, with his remix of “Hometown Glory”, and even Jamie xx entered this joke.

Their latest single, “Hello”, has reached more than 100 million views on YouTube in less than a week. Obviously, much of the world already checked and approved.

But what really comes in drawing attention are the remixes that are already being disclosed by some producers; after all, as has been proven in the past, Adele’s voice fits very well with a few strands of electronic music.

Paul Damixie wasted no time, and saw this new success a chance to do something amazing.

If you have not heard the original version, here’s to compare with the remix!

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