After vented about having thrown a whole damn disc in the trash, Gwen Stefani gave a beautiful scare his fans. However, the singer said in a radio interview that this will not be a problem for his new work: “I have enough for two more albums,” he said to Radio Beats 1.

However, after the divorce, announced last August, it seems she was more than inspired. A hit with the outburst “Used to Love You”, she also said that will compose more.

“I need to write more because I feel I must make the most while it’s happening. I have 20 songs, made a whole album in eight weeks, but I need to continue composing. You need to understand how I could not write, and now nothing’m writing, writing and writing, “added Gwen Stefani.

On the disk that was dropped, Gwen also explained: “I tried to make an album where I was only partially involved – that’s how a lot of people do – but it did not work for me.”

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