If you were one of the few people who went to see We Are Your Friends, then you know that, according to the movie, all it takes to be a big time DJ is a laptop, some talent, and one hit song. While (hopefully) everyone in the industry knows that it takes an enormous amount of work to become a star, not just one track, it is true that one song can turn around your fortunes and change your career path. Artists like Flume had already built a solid following with quality releases, but it wasn’t until he put out his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” that he became an international sensation.

Flume’s rise has paved the way for the emergence of future bass, a rising genre with plenty of dance heavyweights. Singular Sounds is giving aspiring producers a foot up on their peers with their Future Bass Sample Pack, which features over 200 presets, samples, MIDIs, and more. You can check out the preview for the sample pack below.

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