Great news for fans of the Swedish duo Galantis: after the success of his first album, Pharmacy, the duo plans to launch your next job already in 2016! After a very busy year with his world tour, and breaking records and records with his big hits as Runaway (U & I), Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw do not intend to slow down in 2016; with a tour of ten concerts by the United States recently announced for March 2016, the Scandinavian duo has even greater ambitions for the coming year.

Their next tour will be based on the many experiences and lessons learned from the last world tour they did. Eklöw talked to the Irish RTÉ media and revealed the following: “We are working hard with our European Tour planning for next year, and as always we will be taking all our positive energy with us to the fans. That’s why we travel around the world. We do not we fix us in only one set; we are always changing many things because each show is different, has a different energy. I believe conseguíramos not live with ourselves if we did a tour with the same set “.

Eklöw also gave clues about the possible new album to come, and about the upcoming tour dates: “We are about to embark on a major tour in 2016, and we are constantly working on new music. We have a lot of songs for release next year. I’m excited and hopeful with this new album, and this tour next year, we will try (and get!) To reach all corners of the world. “We can surely expect another great year full of great things this double that, undoubtedly left many fans excited about this news – which was to be expected, after all, after so many unique hits coming from Pharmacy, there is as expected bit of Swedish.

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