Michael Durham Prince, who worked for Michael Jackson as 1995 sound technician until his death in 2009, said in an interview published on Thursday in the newspaper “Le Parisien” which has 20 new songs of the King of Pop.

Durham, who attended the posthumous album “Michael” and “Xscape”, told the newspaper that the songs guard on your computer are unfinished and that, for now, does not have the rights to use. The last word on the issue of this work and its publication on new albums, as revealed, lies in the singer’s heirs. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 by an overdose of sedatives when there were less than three weeks for the first of 50 shows which would in London. This would be her return to the stage after 12 years without a world tour. The coach said he remembers Michael Jackson as a happy person when I was immersed in the creative process and ensured that all the memories you have of that time they worked together are ” magnificent. “

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