Last Saturday (5), at a show in England Foo Fighters impressed his fans. In honor of the legend Freddie Mercury, the band performed together with members of Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Ie rock fans in the room almost could not get out of there, after a beautiful heart attack. The honor was because it would be the anniversary of 69 years of the former vocalist of the band.

The music chosen for the honor was the hit clárrico “Pressure”, made in 1980 in partnership with David Bowie.

Given the emotion at the time, Dave Grohl made a brief dedication put tears in her eyes. “I do not know if you’ve seen a supergroup, but this is a superdupergrupo. I do not know what to say because that does not happen every day. Let me just comment that the Foo Fighters are living your fantasy rock n’roll tonight with you! “Said the artist.

Watch the show here:

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