Norman Cook, the acclaimed English musician behind Fatboy Slim, recently explained his theory on dance music’s future.

In an interview with Red Bull, Cook splits house fans into two camps on the discussion of “EDM.” One side deems its presence to be “commercial and horrible,” while the other group, which Cook finds himself in, says its current presence is beneficial to the industry.

He expands the topic on a global level, saying kids in Middle America are tuning into David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia rather than pop acts like Miley Cyrus.

“Some of them might end up being techno heads rather than EDM heads,” he adds.

Piggybacking off that idea, he predicts the dance music scene will gradually rid itself of DJ acts in it for the money and return to its state of artists genuinely in it for the music.

Cook tips his hat off to Hot Since 82, Carl Cox, Skream and more who he says are in it for the same reason as him. “They love the music, they love the craft of DJing but they also love to party and they get involved with the crowd.”

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