We see hundreds of “DJ” products a year. There are countless apps that claim they let you DJ with your phone or tablet, but for the most part, they are gimmicky and don’t seem to have any real-world application. Mixfader, however, seems to be the real deal.

The Bluetooth-enabled crossfader uses patented low-latency technology to make sure the software is responsive to your actions. The Mixfader app allows you to trawl not only your MP3 library, but also your SoundCloud, for a complete music library. DJIT, the company that makes Mixfader, claims everyone can learn to DJ, and the app comes complete with tutorials to make it happen.

At the lowest level, Mixfader works with your smartphone; it also has the compatibility to synch to two Bluetooth-enabled devices—or a Bluetooth device and a turntable—via USB link. To add to the appeal, they also ditched the early idea of making it out of plastic, instead opting for a metal enclosure for a more durable and “real” feel.

If you still aren’t convinced, check out the promo video featuring DMC champs 9 O’Clock using Mixfader to re-create their championship routine.

Check out the official Mixfader Kickstarter page for more info.

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