One thing that Demi Lovato has made it clear to anyone who will listen is that in this new phase of his personal and professional life, she has never been so good about your body. All sexy in the video for “Cool For The Summer”, she posed with her breasts out for the magazine “Complex” and now was totally naked even for “Vanity Fair”.

With photos at the same time delicate and sensual, she showed that self-esteem is so up there as possible and not only in photographs.

In the interview to the publication, the singer also caprichou in class about the importance of having self-love and enjoy life. “If you have a thing I have learned in recent days is that life is very short,” said Demi Lovato. “I’m about to release a new album that really represents who I am.”

“How to face this new chapter in my life? This means being true to say that not give a damn. I want to show the side of me that is real and it’s free, “added the singer.

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