Remember the first Transformers movie when the car started talking to Sam through the radio with messages from pop culture? Well, DJ Craze and Four Color Zack have a lot in common with the communication style of that robot pretending to be a car named “Bumblebee.” This is an incredible mix called “2 Cents” that dropped last week full of amazing songs and messages chopped together from nice audio clips you may recognize from pop culture. This mix comes from Craze’s label Slow Roast Records.

Clips of artists, celebrities, and characters in film talking about overcoming and being real – often taking jabs at things happening in the EDM scene (while promoting their DJ efforts and #REALDJING mantra). Some samples even come from interviews and recent films like Birdman. You’ll be amazed at the chopping and editing skills involved in making this – and best of all you can get it as a free download. Listen below and enjoy. There’s music from Stevie Wonder to oldies classics thrown in here. It’s a feel-good mix full of cool tracks and amazing transitions.

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