Once you have had to cancel their participation in ‘The Toinight Show’, presented by Jimmy Fallon, having suffered a bicycle accident, Bono got to go to the program on Friday. Fallon, however, could not help the postponement of his chat with the lead singer of U2 go unchallenged.

For the program, Jimmy Fallon and Bono recorded a video in which the two friends wanted to take a bike ride, but something goes wrong. Three times. The Irish singer is hit three times, the last of which was by the other members of U2, who say, “where he gives for us to park?”.

In the accident, which happened in November, Bono hurt his hand, broke his left arm, the scapula bone (shoulder) and had a small fracture in the face. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Bono revealed that has not yet come back to play guitar, “looks like I have the mother of someone else,” he declared. “They said that nerves regenerate one millimeter per week, then at 13 weeks I know if I can come back.”

In the video made for ‘The Tonight Show’, Bono makes fun of himself and makes fun of his injuries in the accident. Still in the interview for the New York newspaper, the singer revealed that does not feel victorious: “I did not go out of a Harley-Davidson. I got off a bicycle and broke me apart. You have no glory in it. ”

Watch here the video of Bono and Jimmy Fallon:

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