On Wednesday (27), in an interview with podcast Das Process, bassist of the band Blink-182 Mark Hoppus talked about the group’s guitarist Tom DeLonge output and, according to him, they are in a friendly divorce. “We hope that things are clear to not having to go through any trouble with businessmen or lawyers and move on,” he said.

Hoppus also revealed the podcast that friendship was not affected by the gap with guitarist:.. “Tom was my best friend for many years If you think, many people are no longer friends the people you knew in high school or college How are still friends? We were together in the same vans, buses and planes for twenty-odd years, “said the bassist.

Matt Skiba, vocalist of Alkaline Trio, replacing Tom DeLonge in the band and, according to an interview given by him to the Alternative Nation, a new album is still a possibility. Even with a different guitarist. “I think it’s a great idea and it was something we talked about. It’s something I’d be excited to do and know the guys from Blink for nearly 15 years, we are good friends. Play music with Mark and Travis [Baker, drummer] I do not written is cool, but to create something new with them would be amazing, “said the musician.

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