25 years is a legendary lifespan for a nightclub, and this year, Berlin institution Tresor hits that milestone. Tresor opened “in a shack on Potsdamer Platz” on March 13, 1991, less than two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has remained synonymous with the city’s techno culture ever since.

Tresor has a year’s worth of events planned for its quarter-century celebration. The club will present a series of international showcases, a comprehensive compilation of music released on Tresor Records, and, perhaps most intriguing of all, a Tresor 25 Years Festival in Berlin from July 21-23. The lineup for the festival is yet to be revealed, but you can expect it to feature several techno greats who’ve played the club over the years.

Tresor has announced the first dates for its international showcases, including its first-ever event in Detroit at Tangent Gallery, which falls on the weekend of the city’s Movement festival. The Detroit date is a significant one, as Motor City artists have been instrumental to Tresor’s identity since the beginning. The club is also throwing parties in Australia and across Europe, with a special showcase planned for Serbia’s Exit Festival in July.

In addition to the retrospective Tresor Records compilation, scheduled for October, the label is launching new projects in 2016 from Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald’s Borderland project, Objekt, Terrence Dixon, Dasha Rush, Mønic, and more.

It’s a daunting task to track 25 years of a club’s existence, but Team Tresor hits on some highlights in a press release, including Detroit don Jeff Mills playing his first sets on three turntables, the legendary Love Parade marathons in the 90s with Sven Väth, and the Tresor Park parties. Tresor’s original location on Leipziger Strasse closed in 2005, and the club is now housed in the renovated power plant called Kraftwerk on Köpenicker Straße in Mitte. Tresor’s scheduled guests in upcoming weeks include Legowelt, Nadja, Mike Huckaby, and The Advent.

“Without Tresor, Berlin would not be what it is today,” the club’s founder Dimitri Hegemann writes. “Even though it sounds a bit pretentious, it’s true. Tresor was the prototype for an extraordinary club—only possible as a combination of the right time, the right place, the right content and determined people.”

Tresor international showcases:

02.4.16 Milano (Dude Club)
15.4.16 Kopenhagen (Culture Box)
16.4.16 Rom (Warehouse)
30.4.16 Amsterdam (Radion)
07.5.16 London (Oval Space)
13.5.16 Vitoria (Kubik)
28.5.16 Detroit (Tangent Gallery)
04.6.16 Gijon (Lanna)
17.6.16 Melbourne (Venue TBA)
18.6.16 Sydney (Venue TBA)
18.6.16 Paris (Venue TBA)
09.7.16 Exit Festival, Serbia
30.7.16 Madrid (Siroco)


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