At the end of 2015, Axwell released his song “Waiting For So Long“ via the long-awaited Axtone Ten album in honor of his record label’s tenth birthday. The song is a tribute to his wife Gloria and was made just before they got married. Two months later, the song is back in the spotlight, as Arty has put an upbeat spin on “Waiting For So Long”.

Giving the song more of a pop feel, Arty shows that he has developed a style of his own that is geared more towards the general public. While still holding true to the original song’s melody, he turns the BPM up a few notches and throws in a little of his own flair. Prior to this remix, the young producer released his very first studio album Glorious, which contains a couple songs that he used during his festival sets last year. With a whole album and quite a few remixes, fans are surely in for a treat this year when they see him live.

Axwell – Waiting For So Long (Arty Remix) | Free Download

Excited to share with you my remix of Axwell’s “Waiting For So Long” single! I’m giving it away for free (link…

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