Already preparing for the launch of her new single, Ariana Grande decided to make a radical change in the look, the brown hair gave way to a platinum blond.

On Instagram, the head of the click photographer, Alfredo Flores, shared the picture and said, “When a photo shoot is over turning unplanned IT!”. Since she took the opportunity to make a countdown to the new.

In the comments fans were divided between criticism and praise the new look. “Queen, love you,” “You are a small copy of Nicki Minaj,” “You look wonderful in any key,” “Blonde? I’m dead !!! “” What bothers me is not the color, but this hairstyle that does not change “and” What beautiful, look like a barbie “.

“Focus” will be officially released on October 30 and is part of the singer’s new album, “Moonlight”, which still has no date to hit stores.

She recently explained in his YouTube channel, the meaning of the title. Check here:

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